Personal, Social and Health Education Overview

PSHE is recognised as an important component of the whole curriculum. We believe that the promotion of our pupils’ physical and emotional health and well-being is central to the life of the school and its relationships with the surrounding community. PSHE is concerned with the total well-being of the individual. This includes such aspects as mental, emotional and physical well-being of the individual. We focus on the responsibility of the individual towards others and the environment. We promote a holistic model of personal and social development that encourages the development of healthy choices. Within our PSHE programme we recognise the importance of good health and involve and engage the children in activities that promote their physical and emotional well-being. In citizenship learning we focus on encouraging children to take a responsible role in society. The PSHE programme has been reviewed in line with national guidance (PSHE Association 2013) and is delivered by the teaching staff, accompanied by the support staff in school. The school health adviser and other external agencies provide further support in elements of the curriculum such as sex and relationship education (further details can be found in the SRE policy).