Families, Isolation and Your Child's Education

Important Information about Isolation and Schoolwork.
If you or a member of your household are required to self-isolate either due to Covid symptoms or a positive Covid test result, you must stay in your home. There is lots of information online on isolation periods, as well as who needs to isolate.
We are very aware that children have missed a lot of school and we are keen to help you keep up with their school work. 
If an entire class/year group is required to isolate, the class teacher will provide daily learning activities as they would do at school. This will be available on our website and the class Facebook page. 
For individual families who are isolating, we are providing online learning through the Oak Academy, which is a highly regarded learning platform that has been used by many schools during the Covid crisis. There is a link below for you to explore. Please feel free to make a telephone appointment with your child's class teacher who will direct you towards the lessons they would like you to use. They will also be able to give you some helpful tips and ideas for keeping your children's brains working while at home. 
As always, if you are worried about anything, please do give a us a call at any time.