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Year 5's Egypt Adventure!

Year 5 has had an exciting start to the year, being immersed in Ancient Egypt. We have spent the last few weeks learning about how important the River Nile was for ancient settlers, and how Egyptian society was able to flourish because of its resources. For example, last week we discovered how ancient Egyptians used the papyrus plant to mass-produce paper (also called 'papyrus'), enabling them to focus on writing and record their everyday lives.


We used brown paper bags to recreate the process of making papyrus: we tore our paper bags into strips and study them onto baking parchment, overlapping our strips first vertically and then horizontally. When dry, we used hieroglyphics to write messages on our papyrus. Deciphering the hieroglyphics has been fun, and has allowed us to learn all about the Rosetta Stone: discovered in 1799, the Rosetta stone was carved in hieroglyphics, demotic (a more common Egyptian form of writing), and ancient Greek. It enabled hieroglyphics to be translated for the first time!


As well as learning about Ancient Egypt in history, we have even managed to bring it into our science unit on reversible and irreversible reactions. To investigate changes that take place over time, we 'mummified' slices of apple and left them for a week, alongside slices that had not been mummified. Following the mummification process was fascinating, and we were pleased to see that our mummified apples had not grown any mould like our other slices had. Nevertheless, the results were still quite disgusting!


As we continue with our discovery of Ancient Egypt, we are also currently hooked on our English set text, Emma Carroll's Secrets of a Sun King. Set in 1922 – the year in which archaeologist Howard Carter discovered the pharaoh Tutankhamun's tomb – we are following main character Lil as she attempts to return a potentially cursed canopic jar to Egypt. Our history unit is really helping us to contextualise the events in this story, and we can't wait to find out what happens next!

 Miss Brown and Mrs Templeton