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Canning Street Primary School

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Year 5 - Eygptians



Year 5 have made a fantastic start to the new school year at Canning Street and have settled into their new classes really well.

We have already been learning lots of new things. In history, we have been delving into Ancient Egypt. One of our favourite lessons so far making papyrus.




We have especially enjoyed science, where we have been learning about properties and changes of materials. To investigate irreversible changes, we mummified apples and left them for a week to see what would happen! The mummified apples dried out, whereas the plain apples went mouldy!





We also experimented with bicarbonate of soda and vinegar to see what kind of reaction this would lead to.




Finally, last week’s challenge was to make this water clean enough to drink! Of course, we didn’t actually drink it, but we did manage to get it looking quite clear by sieving and filtering.