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All About Teeth...

In science, we have been learning about digestion. To begin with, we needed to find out about the first part of the digestion process – the teeth. We used mirrors to look at our teeth in detail and had examples of teeth to feel and explore. We found out that we have four types of teeth at the moment (we might get another when were older) and the different jobs that the teeth do.  

After learning this, we created an experiment to find out what might damage our teeth. We put an egg into five different liquids: water, orange juice, milk, vinegar and cola. We predicted which we thought would damage our teeth the most: most of us thought that the vinegar and cola would be the worst because of the sugar and acid in these liquids. We left the eggs for a week so that we could see the long-term effects on the egg (our teeth).  

When we looked at them a week later, we were quite shocked with some of the results. The water had done what we predicted – the least amount of damage. But the worst, and most surprising, was the orange juice. We found that the acid in the drink had created holes in the egg shell. We realised that this would cause lots of damage to our teeth and create cavities if we didn’t do something about it.  

From the experiment, we learnt that acids and sugar cause the most damage and if we drink these liquids, we must make sure that we clean our teeth thoroughly after so their clean, we prevent decay and a trip to the dentist with a sore tooth.