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Canning Street Primary School

Canning StreetPrimary School

Working together. Building ambitions. Achieving our dreams.

Meet The Staff

At Canning Street, we have a large team of dedicated and enthusiastic adults. See below to learn who's who and what roles they fill.

Heads Team

Headteacher: Mrs K Herron

Deputy Headteacher: Mr A Richardson-Brown

Assistant Headteacher: Miss E Wilson


Senior Leadership Team

KS2 Phase Leader: Miss K Brown

KS1 Phase Leader: Mrs S Symm

EYFS Phase Leader: Louise Cook

School Business Manager: Mrs S Aspinall

Maternities: Mrs A Storey, Miss C Erickson


Administration Team

Administration Officer: Mrs J Arnold

Administration Assistant: Miss J Rogers

Services Manager: Mrs S Opie


Teaching Staff 2021-22

SENDCO: Mrs S Holmes

Nursery: Miss S Younger

Reception: Miss L Cook, Miss D Young

Year 1: Miss C Scott, Mrs M Ryan

Year 2: Mrs S Symm, Mrs K Burridge

Year 3: Mrs L Bewley, Miss A O'Neill

Year 4: Mrs V Cunningham, Miss J Clarke

Year 5: Miss K Brown, Ms H Templeton

Year 6: Mrs L Artis, Mr M Owen

Maternity: Mrs C McGee, Ms A Fontes

International New Arrivals: Mrs C Clancy


Support Assistants


Mrs C Vaughan, Mrs A Connor, Mrs M Mahmood, Mrs T Begum, Mrs R Dougan, Mrs Johnson, Miss M Graham, Miss K Grabham, Ms J Begum

Miss C Allan, Miss F Abbas, Mrs H Menzies, Mrs C Patterson, Miss K Wright, Mrs S. Orton, Mrs V Parker, Mrs L Arnell, Mrs H Denholm

Mr J Wintrip, Mrs C Herdman, Miss C Hicks, Ms C Brickwood

Ms C Curry, Mr M Laidlaw, Miss C Baker, Mrs L Cassidy


Family Support Team

Family Support Officer: Mr K Rogan

Parent Support Advisor: Mr P Gunar

Family Support Officer: Mrs S Holden

School Counsellor: Ms A Ellison


Lunchtime and Site Supervisor Team

Caretakers: Mr R Richardson, Mr G Sullivan

Midday Supervisor: Mrs A Garrett

Midday Supervisory Assistants: Mrs S Dillon, Mrs B Clark, Mrs L Stockdale, Mrs L Park, Mrs B Marshall

Cook: Ms L Mowatt