Year 3 Trip to St Mary's Lighthouse

St Mary's Lighthouse Trip


Year 3 have been learning about ‘Rocks and Soils’ in Science. The children have been very excited about how rocks are formed so as part of our learning we went on a trip to St Mary’s lighthouse to observe natural and man-made features. The children completed activities and identified different rock types such as granite, slate and marble rocks.


The children looked closely at St Mary’s Lighthouse and created some wonderful sketches of it.


Linked to our learning about ‘Rocks and Soils’, Year 3 looked at the work of the Scottish artist, Andy Goldsworthy, who creates sculptures from natural materials. At the beach, we worked with our friends to create some Andy Goldsworthy inspired sculptures.


Back at school, we used our sketches of St Mary’s Lighthouse to create fantastic watercolour paintings where we focussed on light and shadow and creating movement in the picture using different brush strokes.