Social, Emotional and Mental Health Needs

Mental Health Condition

Social Difficulties

Emotional Difficulties


At Canning Street Primary School we:

  • Set clear boundaries with sanctions and rewards followed to offer pupils structure and routines (Link: CSPS Behaviour Policy)
  • Provide excellent pastoral care for all of our children.
  • Provide one to one ‘Drawing and Talking’ sessions with trained support staff when required.
  • Provide one to one nurture sessions for vulnerable children.
  • Put in place short term support for a child with a specific emotional need, for example, bereavement.
  • Run small groups focusing on friendship and social communication skills.
  • Seek the expert advice and support of outside agencies, including the School Health Advisor and the Children and Young People’s Service (CYPS)
  • Offer support or supervision at unstructured times of the day e.g. break time and lunchtime where appropriate.
  • Offer self-esteem / well being groups in each year group for vulnerable children. (Link: CSPS Anti-Bullying Policy)