Sensory and Physical Needs

Hearing/Visual Impairment

Physical Disabilities

Multi- Sensory Impairment

Medical Needs


At Canning Street Primary School we:



  • Provide support and practical aids where appropriate to ensure pupils can access the curriculum.
  • Seek advice and guidance from school health and paediatricians for pupils with significant medical needs.  
  • Run intervention sessions to improve pupil skills, e.g. gross and fine motor skills.
  • Request and act upon advice and guidance from the Newcastle Children’s Vision Team and Hearing Impairment Team.  
  • Use ICT, when appropriate, to enhance pupil’s access to the curriculum.  
  • Train staff, when required, in understanding the impact of a physical or sensory need on the teaching of learning of the child.
  • Are fully accessible to disabled children, parents/carers. (Please see CSPS Accessibility Plan)
  • Train staff to understand and apply the medicine administration policy. Designated first aid trained staff are assigned to break, lunchtimes, trips or visits, etc. (Please see CSPS Administering Medicines Policy)
  • Train staff to lift  pupils safely,  if necessary and appropriate.