Science Club @ Centre for Life

3rd October 2017

Science Club @ Centre for Life


Today we were looking at some of the organs in the body. We started the session by looking at the heart of a sheep. Water was put inside so we could see how the blood is pumped through the body. It was amazing to see, but was not for the squeamish! The children from Canning Street already had excellent knowledge of how the heart works so it was great to hear them sharing their ideas!


We all checked our heart rate to see how many beats per minute it was pumping, we then took part in exercise and found that this made our hearts beat much faster.


The next organ we investigated was the lungs. The question we had to answer was 'Does height impact on the size of your lungs?' We used special equipment to measure how many litres of air we could hold in our lungs and plotted this in a graph against our height. We found that the taller you are the more air your lungs can hold.


Could there be some future biologists or doctors in our group?