Science Club @ Centre for Life

26th September 2017

Science Club


Every Tuesday 7 lucky Year 6 children are able to attend Science club at the Centre for Life. It gives the children the opportunity to work with real scientists and ask any questions they may have. They attend this club with other children from other schools within our trust.


Tuesday 3rd October


This week we explored forces and investigated them through dinosaurs! We were able to investigate using scientific tools such force meters and clamps.

We discovered the relationship between the length of a dinosaur’s neck and the effort it would take to reach leaves. We also looked at the famous T-Rex and the force it exerted through its very strong bite. Did you know that the force of its bite was the same as having three cars on top of you?

The children asked some very insightful questions and were very keen to investigate and reach conclusions themselves. Maybe we have some future paleontologists among our group!