Science Club @ Centre for Life

19th September 2017

Science Club


Every Tuesday 7 lucky Year 6 children are able to attend Science club at the Centre for Life. It gives the children the opportunity to work with real scientists and ask any questions they may have. They attend this club with other children from other schools within our trust.


Tuesday 19th September

Everybody was excited for our first trip to the Centre for Life-including Mrs Ryan! We discussed all of the different things we might explore. Many of the children are keen to become scientists when they grow up.

Today, we spent the session in the planetarium. It was amazing to see all of the constellations and find out about those we could look for in the night sky. We also discovered many fascinating facts about the planets within our own solar system. Some are made entirely of gas but others- such as Mars - could have sustained life at one point in time.

We also had the opportunity to watch videos showing us what it would be like to live on the International Space Station. Some of the children would love to go into space one day- others weren’t so sure about the toilet facilities!

Maybe in the future we will see the first Canning Street Primary School pupil in space!