School Garden and Allotment

We work in our school garden all year round. In the autumn and winter we are busy harvesting fruit and vegetables and preparing the beds for next planting season. Each year group plants vegetables in their allotment beds and are responsible for caring for the plants to help them grow. They then use the produce they have grown in the garden to cook with. We even use some of our tasty garden produce in our school kitchen for our healthy school meals.


Parts of Our Garden: Each year group has their own area of responsibility that they care for and use along with their raised beds. Years 1 and 5 look after and maintain the bird and butterfly area. We even have a special bird hide for viewing the birds that visit our garden. Year 2 care for and maintain the orchard. Years 3 and 4 maintain the pond area. Last year we had lots and lots of tadpoles that grew into frogs.


Parents and carers help us to maintain our garden by joining our afterschool garden club with their children.  This club gives parents or other family members an opportunity to work with their child in our school garden. We are continuing to develop an area in the garden so that we can grow produce and use it when cooking. We have asked our school cook, Louise, which vegetables we should plant next year so that she can use them in the kitchen. This year we have lots of sprouts ready for our school Christmas dinner!