Pupil Parliament

19th October 2018
The 1st October was a very exciting day for us at Canning Street. We held our own election in school where we voted for an MP to represent every class in KS2.
The children, who wanted to become an MP for their class, wrote speeches, created posters and persuaded their friends to vote.
Every child in each KS2 class signed the electoral register before voting and completed a polling card on the election day with a mark next to the person they wanted to be their class MP.
Well done to all of the children who participated and congratulations to the following children who are now the representative for their class:
Class 7 - Jannah
Class 8 - Fariha J
Class 9 - Tawfiq
Class 10 - Zayed
Class 11 - Kemi
Class 12 - Samuel
Class 12A - Helen
Class 13 - Sami
Class 14 - Sakhi
Class 14A - Lukie
These class MPs will attend meetings every Friday lunch time with Miss Fontes. Their focus this month is to help raise awareness of how to keep our school and local environment clean. They will be holding workshops for parents in the future so keep an eye out for your invitation!