Teambuilding Games in Year 2

19th September 2017

Year 2 Teambuilding


During our first week in Year 2, we have been looking at how we can work well as a team. We had lots of fun playing some teambuilding games; it helped us develop the skills needed to work well as a team.

We first worked as a whole class to pass a hoop from one end of a line to the other. To make this more challenging we had to keep holding hands and could not break the chain. After a practice attempt, the children managed to pass the hoop superbly without breaking the chain, demonstrating that we could work really well as a whole class.


For our second activity we played ‘Crossing the Swamp’. The children were separated into teams and had to work together to cross the ‘swamp’ which was infested with crocodiles! The children could only stand within two small hoops. Many teams realised that it was extremely difficult to fit their whole team in. Communicating well within their teams, the children worked out that they had to travel across the swamp in small groups and complete return journeys to collect the other members of their team.

Year 2 thoroughly enjoyed the teambuilding activities and demonstrated excellent teamwork skills.