Newcastle Achievement Awards

27th March 2015

Mario has settled into Year 3 really well, he has a great sense of humour and is a very popular member of our class. He is helpful to other Czech speaking children by making new arrivals feel welcome in class and translating where needed.

Mario was elected to be our class Student Councillor and takes this role very seriously by attending weekly meetings and feeding back to his class regularly. He is also our class Mini Champion and often gives advice to his peers on how to lead a fit and healthy lifestyle. He does this by encouraging other children to be active at playtimes. He was the first child in Year 3 to receive a pen licence for his beautifully presented work. No matter the topic or subject Mario takes the utmost care to ensure his work is of the very highest standard.

Overall, Mario has an excellent attitude towards school life and works to the best of his ability at all times. Despite speaking no English at home Mario has made and continues to make outstanding progress. He has been identified gifted and talented in English and Maths and sets a superb example to other children. He regularly reads at home to help improve his vocabulary and is always eager to learn. He is an absolute credit to our class and school.


Aimee works very hard in all areas of the curriculum but particularly so in English.

Aimee is an avid reader and develops great empathy with the characters in her stories. Her inference and deduction skills are very good also.

This love of reading has impacted positively on her writing. She shows great promise in this area and is always striving to improve.

As well as having fabulous ideas and an impressive vocabularly, Aimee always reads her teachers feedback on ways to improve her writing and acts upon it to good effect.