Curriculum Overview


Curriculum Statement



The National Curriculum sets out what pupils should be taught and attainment targets set out the expected standards of pupils’ performance. The National Curriculum is made up of 10 subjects; English, Mathematics, Science, I.C.T, Design and Technology, History, Geography, Art, Music and P.E. It is for schools to choose how they organise these subjects to include the statutory programmes of study.


At Canning Street Primary, we follow a ‘thematic’ approach to teaching and learning which means that we group the subjects together around a theme. The themes we choose depend on three main factors: the areas of the National Curriculum we must cover, where the global curriculum can be incorporated and the interests and needs of the children. Visits and visitors provide regular exciting and enthusiastic starts to each theme.


If further information about the Curriculum is required please contact the school. 


We are proud to have achieved the full International School Award which recognises our contribution to global learning. We are currently beginning a new Erasmus project with other European countries which we aim to use to provide more diverse learning opportunities for the children.


We have 3 general themes for the whole school each year, one theme per term. The themes for 2015-2016 are;


  • Sustainability – developing an awareness of how we can be responsible for the resources we use
  • Healthy Lifestyles – this can incorporate any of the aspects to promote good health.
  • Enterprise –  where children look at ways of being innovative and creative


Our thematic teaching takes place mostly in the afternoons where year groups work together developing key skills, knowledge and understanding. A practical, hands-on approach to learning is used as much as possible.


We have specialist teachers for music, drama, Spanish and P.E. who work in school every Tuesday and Thursday. Each year group from Reception to Year 6 is taught by each of the specialist teachers once every 2 weeks. These teachers liaise very closely with the class teachers in order to support the delivery of the thematic curriculum wherever possible.


Where possible, P.S.H.E and R.E. are incorporated into the thematic curriculum but will be taught discretely when appropriate.


Sex and Relationship Education (SRE) forms part of the Science and Personal, Social and Health curriculum. Starting with simple family relationships in Reception and Key Stage One, relationships are discussed throughout the primary years. It is only in the older year groups that children learn about aspects of puberty and reproduction. Please refer to the school’s policy for further information.


Sex and Relationship Education policy – see SRE policy in the parents’ section of the website

English and Mathematics
At Canning Street, we acknowledge how important it is for all children to acquire the key basic skills in English and mathematics. As well as being incorporated into the thematic curriculum these subjects are also taught discretely on a daily basis. During the morning, English and mathematics are taught using National Curriculum programmes of study. Children are organised into a range of teaching groups depending on their ability and needs. Small teaching groups (3 per year group) are organised in Key Stage 2.