Communication and Interaction

Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)

Speech, Language and Communication Needs (SLCN)


At Canning Street Primary School we:

  • Use visual timetables when needed to support children to understand what will happen and when.
  • Provide areas with reduced distractions and low stimulus.
  • Provide a range of ways to communicate with adults and children in school eg. PECS, visual prompts, Makaton
  • Support or supervise at unstructured times of the day eg break time and lunchtime where appropriate
  • Use social stories to help children learn how to approach different social situations.
  • Run small groups focusing on friendship and social communication skills.
  • Have a variety of resources available to use, depending on a child’s sensory difficulties, including a fully equipped sensory room. (Link: CSPS Sensory Room)
  • Spend time with children helping them to identify situations that cause anxiety and finding ways to relieve that anxiety.
  • Run small group and 1:1 speech and language sessions.
  • Access  expertise and advice of the local authority Speech, Language and Social Communication team as well as the Educational Psychology Service.