Canning Street campaign mentioned in Parliament

1st January 2019
We have had a very exciting few weeks at Canning Street, as we have been working hard towards furthering our campaign to 'Keep Benwell Clean'.
Some of our KS2 children were lucky enough to visit the real Houses of Parliament at the beginning of the month, where they had a guided tour of the House of Commons and the House of Lords. They completed a workshop on how to build a successful campaign and are going to feedback to the rest of the children at school.
Following that, we have had a mention in the House of Commons whereby our local MP - Chi Onwurah mentioned our campaign and asked the minister at the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Dr. Coffey) whether she would help us towards our campaign. She promised to visit us the next time that she is in Newcastle. Hopefully, she will give us some advice on how the government can help us to clean up our local area.
Please keep the momentum going and make sure to sign our petition so we can also get the local mayor involved in our cause.
The link to our petition is:
If that wasn’t exciting enough, our Year 6 children have also had a Skype session with Lord McFall - live from the House of Lords. He encouraged us to keep going with our campaign and gave the children a lot of good advice on how to achieve their ambitions. He also taught us a lot about his role in parliam