Ofsted (April 2018) said "pupils thrive in your caring and nurturing school" and "pupils’ behaviour was exemplary in lessons and at playtime". Please read our most recent Ofsted report:


We are very proud to say that Canning Street Primary School is in the top 3% of schools in England for progress



Staying safe on-line

 Northumbria Police are raising awareness across the city about staying safe online. Northumbria Police are encouraging school staff and parents to familiarise themselves with the online safety guide for parents and carers for social media apps and platforms:

 Click here to view this website.


Attendance & Punctuality

Being late is stressful and embarrassing for children. Lessons begin at 8:55am, and at this time children cover vital skills such as spelling, handwriting, grammar, phonics and times tables. Repeatedly being late for this session means your child will miss out on valuable learning. Furthermore, when the class is disrupted by several latecomers, it can be very distracting for other learners. 
This morning, you will have noticed that the yard gates were closed at 8:55am and anyone attempting to enter after that time was sent down to register at the office. This puts a lot of extra work on the office staff but we feel very strongly about promoting punctuality. These Late Gates will continue for the rest of this week.
If you are struggling with mornings, please do come in and speak to us. We have several ways in which we can support you, including an early morning phonecall, a place on the Walking Bus, or a place in our FREE Breakfast Club.  

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